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Mohrman, Kaardal & Erickson has significant experience in representing parties in disputes regarding trusts, estates, conservatorships and guardianship. Our attorneys have practiced in probate court in all of the metropolitan counties.

Generally, a guardianship or conservatorship dispute involves an elderly person who may lack capacity to make decisions or is being unduly influenced. Many disputes involve someone apparently taking advantage of the elderly person. Sometimes the cases involve a last will and testament or trust agreement being changed or a large “gift” being made.

In these cases, Mohrman, Kaardal & Erickson works with health care professionals to determine what is in the best interest of the elderly person. Once a need for a conservatorship or guardianship is established, we represent the interested person in the process of filing the petition in district court. We also represent elderly persons when conservatorships or guardianships are sought who do not believe they need these protections, and have worked to protect the rights of wards in disputes with guardians and conservators.

Mohrman, Kaardal & Erickson also practices extensively in the trusts and estates area. Our attorneys draft estate planning documents, trust documents, and related transfer documents. We also litigate controversies over trusts and estates.

We have experience as well in counseling trust administrators, personal representatives, executors, and other fiduciaries on complex matters.